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Koray Candemir, the lead singer and Serkan Çeliköz, the keyboard player of Kargo continue their music career with their brand new duo-band, maSKott! They are currently in Seattle working on their new projects and have plans to release a single and an album soon. You can get further information and keep to date about maSKott by visiting the following web sites..


10 April 2009 Studio Seven - Seattle /WA concert

Breaking the music scene with maSKott, Koray and Serkan will also be touring various cities in USA starting in April 2009 meeting with their Turkish fans and introducing their unique sound to the US audience for the first time! They will be playing their most popular songs from Kargo as well as some of their brand new songs to give hints of their new sound! After the live show they will continue partying with their fans in the venue. Bryan Lash (drums) and Ruchan Uner (bass) will also accompany maSKott on stage when they perform.

Manooghi Hi, one of the opening bands of the night will present a unique experience of American rock music enriched with traditional Indian sound. The website of the band that we also remember from 2008 Bumbershoot Festival is www.myspace.com/manooghihi

Do not miss this exciting show and reserve your ticket now!

All Ages, Bar with ID
Tickets $: 18 advance @ www.ticketswest.com or 1-800-992-TIXX
Door Cost $: 23

Jacobs commercial

Serkan has composed the music and played himself in most recent Jacobs commercials. Tune in your TV to watch it, or click here to watch it online..



Serkan has recently worked on debut solo album of Cenkhan as a producer and arranger for keyboards and synthesizer. "Gülmeyi Dene" will be released at May. 2008.

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